New Name and Facebook Group!

The blog has a new name! As I seek to grow the blog into more of a resource and information centre, it feels like the right time to introduce a new name that reflects the direction that the blog is taking. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of the humorous, everyday content for us... Continue Reading →

The Loser’s Guide to Happiness

Just a little plug for my other blog, The Loser's Guide to Happiness, in which I concentrate on personal development topics. I published a new post today in honour of the forthcoming New Year. You might like to check it out.

W28: Webruary Reviewed

Well here we are at the end of Webruary, my friends. One month of daily posts, to see if I could stay disciplined enough to write every day, to discover if I had enough material to produce a post every day, to determine if anyone was interested in reading what I published and, of course, to... Continue Reading →

W19: Waiting

The clock tocks. Its ticks make me twitch, Tiny needles piercing my ear drums. 'Wait, wait, wait, wait' the second hand barks. 'No early release for you. The hook was baited and along you came. You asked too much, what a shame. And now you wait. Be patient, be still, be calm. There is no... Continue Reading →

W18: Catch and Release

There are times when you want something so much you can taste it. When your eyes are blind to what's before them and instead they see only visions of what could be and what might be and what could have been. Letting go of a vision is hard to do, to catch hold of the... Continue Reading →

W12: On Standby

Today I'm not in The Zone. The funny has gone. The energy, the inspiration - they're gone. The spark is missing. I have nothing to write about and no motivation to dredge anything up from the recesses of my brain. There's nothing wrong, I feel content, but I'm just kinda.... neutral; not happy, not sad, just... Continue Reading →

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