Science, Scouts and Selfies

Hello again my lovelies. This has been quite a month and I have left you all hanging for far too long. I am so sorry! It's the same old story - so much life, so many exciting projects and somehow a month went by. If you're part of my Facebook Group then you'll see that there's been regular... Continue Reading →

This New Life

When I published my last article in August I had no idea that I would go quiet for so long. I am astonished how much time has passed and how quickly. I needed that time; so much has happened, it's been a period of endings and beginnings and I've needed time to absorb it all... Continue Reading →

W27: Bikeability/The Room of Heroism

Thomas received his cycling certificate today. Another certificate for the Wall of Fame in the Room of Heroism. Yes, he really calls his bedroom the Room of Heroism. This is a new thing; he invented the name last week after he went to the Dental Hospital. That evening he brought his toys downstairs to award... Continue Reading →

W9: Photography Hell, Photobomb Heaven

Tom loves all things military. He is also terrible to photograph, always looking in the wrong direction or obscured by somebody else because he likes to hide at the back. The school staff took photographs during last week's trip to London,  and as usual there wasn't a good shot of Tom in any of them.... Continue Reading →

W3: The London Report

Tom had a fantastic time in London. He ate all his lunch, he coped with the noise and the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, the long journey there, the underground, everything that could have been an issue wasn't an issue. His group had their photo taken outside Downing Street.  He threw sticks into the... Continue Reading →

Day Tripper: Adventures in Growing Up

My son is going to London. Somehow he got himself voted onto the School Council and he is joining the other councillors on a trip to visit the Houses of Parliament in London tomorrow. I have a strong suspicion that his desire to become a councillor had little to do with being a councillor and... Continue Reading →

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