W25: Obiter Dicta

Today's post will be a non-post. Catching a cold, head all fuzzy, body shivery. Nothing report worthy happened and now it's late and my brain went to bed already, so nothing of worth shall be created today. I can report¬†we had another Milkshake Morning this morning, (Milkshake Mornings) complete with Tom's farts and cold feet... Continue Reading →

W16: Nothing Happened Today

Nothing happened today. ¬†Well, obviously something happened today but nothing worth reporting. My mum came for lunch, Thomas played on his Wii and watched DVDs and the day ticked by. This week has panned out as I expected, with Thomas resolutely sticking to his plan to stay in all week for the joy of not... Continue Reading →

W7: Under Construction

Today I'm going to play around with some different layouts for this site, to improve user experience if at all possible. Please bear with me if things look a little wonky or you can't access posts initially. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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