This New Life

When I published my last article in August I had no idea that I would go quiet for so long. I am astonished how much time has passed and how quickly. I needed that time; so much has happened, it's been a period of endings and beginnings and I've needed time to absorb it all... Continue Reading →

Talking About Autism: Identity and Community

Recently I have become very aware of autism as an identity rather than a disorder. From speaking with autistic people and reading their blogs, taking note of the rejection of person-first terminology ("a person with autism") and the preference for identity-first wording ("an autistic person"); the posts listing "that autistic feeling when..."; the visual stim... Continue Reading →

W24: A Matter of Will

At ten years old, Thomas finally learned to ride a bike yesterday. After trying and failing to teach him when he was younger, we left cycling on the back burner. It was another entry of the list of things he wasn't yet ready to do and, with him being our first and only child  (never... Continue Reading →

W20: The Dental Hospital 

Son went to the dental hospital today. He had never been before and he was very anxious that he would be put in an MRI scanner with loud clicks and noises, or have his teeth removed. He doesn't like having to lie in the chair as it is raised and lowered until he is lying... Continue Reading →

W11: A Gloriously Messy Life

This is what drove me crazy and made me laugh and shout and cry with frustration and exhaustion in equal measure. This is what made me more tired than I ever thought I could be before I had a child, constantly picking up toys and clearing mess in one room while Tom was busy getting... Continue Reading →

W10: Housebound (aka Half-Term Happiness)

Next week is the half term holidays: no school. Going by previous form, we will alternate between early starts for Milkshake Morning (for details on how much I enjoy Milkshake Mornings, read my earlier post Farted Awake at Sadness O’Clock: My Christmas Holidays) and decadent lying in until lunchtime while my son watches DVDs and plays... Continue Reading →

Day Tripper: Adventures in Growing Up

My son is going to London. Somehow he got himself voted onto the School Council and he is joining the other councillors on a trip to visit the Houses of Parliament in London tomorrow. I have a strong suspicion that his desire to become a councillor had little to do with being a councillor and... Continue Reading →

Public (In)Convenience

Autism and Asperger's Syndrome are classed as "autism spectrum disorders" and the spectrum is wide. On one end you will find people who may be non-verbal, may be incontinent, may be violent and may have additional disabilities such as epilepsy or deafness. On the other end you will find people who are able to function... Continue Reading →

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