I've fiddled with the website again, with Tom's help. We are both very happy with the layout and we hope you like it too. 🙂

Talking About Autism: Labels and The Right To Privacy

I began this blog with a desire to depict in some small way the experience of living with autism in the family. I wanted to convey some of the emotions we felt as parents of a child with special needs; the challenges, frustrations and fears of living with something that we have no experience of... Continue Reading →

Announcement: Tom's Corner! I have published a new page, Tom's very own page for his photographs, artwork and announcements. Check it out. 🙂 Tom’s Corner

W28: Webruary Reviewed

Well here we are at the end of Webruary, my friends. One month of daily posts, to see if I could stay disciplined enough to write every day, to discover if I had enough material to produce a post every day, to determine if anyone was interested in reading what I published and, of course, to... Continue Reading →

W25: Obiter Dicta

Today's post will be a non-post. Catching a cold, head all fuzzy, body shivery. Nothing report worthy happened and now it's late and my brain went to bed already, so nothing of worth shall be created today. I can report we had another Milkshake Morning this morning, (Milkshake Mornings) complete with Tom's farts and cold feet... Continue Reading →

W16: Nothing Happened Today

Nothing happened today.  Well, obviously something happened today but nothing worth reporting. My mum came for lunch, Thomas played on his Wii and watched DVDs and the day ticked by. This week has panned out as I expected, with Thomas resolutely sticking to his plan to stay in all week for the joy of not... Continue Reading →

W12: On Standby

Today I'm not in The Zone. The funny has gone. The energy, the inspiration - they're gone. The spark is missing. I have nothing to write about and no motivation to dredge anything up from the recesses of my brain. There's nothing wrong, I feel content, but I'm just kinda.... neutral; not happy, not sad, just... Continue Reading →

The blog now has an entirely new look and I hope a more user friendly feel. I'd love to hear your thoughts so please let me know what you think. Thank you!

W7: Under Construction

Today I'm going to play around with some different layouts for this site, to improve user experience if at all possible. Please bear with me if things look a little wonky or you can't access posts initially. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

W6: Don’t Stop

As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I am a procrastinator; I'm a champion starter but poor finisher, an ideas person, creative but not self-disciplined or organised. Webruary was announced with the intention of instilling some discipline into my writing for I know that unless I make my intentions public and accountable there... Continue Reading →

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