E-Book for You!

Yes, that’s right. I have a free EBook ready and waiting for you!

In October I delivered my first public speech on happiness, mind management and personal development. Since then I have been working hard behind the scenes to create the book of the talk for those of you who can’t get to see me speak live. Now you too can discover How To Do Happy, thanks to my new book: A Brief Guide to Changing Your Life.

Cover - EBook

As carers for people with additional needs, we tend to expend a great deal of energy on caring for other people and can forget to prioritise our own needs, at the expense of our own emotional, physical and mental health. My EBook guides you through a process for developing a mindset that can handle life’s challenges and attain a greater quality of life satisfaction. It encourages you to examine your values, take stock of your lifestyle and suggests some practices that can generate positive input and provide clarity for taking any remedial action you may identify. The exercises and practices within are the foundation  steps of a two-year process I undertook to heal myself from exhaustion and depression, and now I would like to pass on what I learned, to support you.

Click the link below to download your copy now!  
A Brief Guide to Changing your Life

If you would like to know more about my personal development website and How To Do Happy, click on this link here. I would love to see you over there!   


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