Science, Scouts and Selfies

Hello again my lovelies. This has been quite a month and I have left you all hanging for far too long. I am so sorry! It’s the same old story – so much life, so many exciting projects and somehow a month went by. If you’re part of my Facebook Group then you’ll see that there’s been regular activity on there over the month. Do come and take a look around if you’d like some additional material in between blog posts and some interaction with other members. Everybody’s welcome!

Last week I received some good news: Tom’s school has been selected to take part in the Lego Therapy part of the research study! (Remember the science posts? W2.8: Lego Therapy Study and W2.6: Science, B*tch!) Tom will be getting his Lego therapy after all. We’re both grateful that taking part in the study will not only help children in the future but is also going to bring a little bit of bonus fun into Tom’s school day.

This month has been quite exciting for another reason: Tom has joined the Scouts. This is his first attempt to join a social group outside school for some years. In the past we’ve dabbled in pre-school swimming lessons but he didn’t make any progress, preferring to bob around on his own in a swim ring and ignore the instructor completely. We tried gymnastics group in the early school years but he couldn’t sit still and was a safety risk, walking through areas where children were doing cartwheels and talking over instructions. We tried trampoline club when he was older but the wait in between goes on the trampoline was too long and he got bored. Tom did enjoy after school club and stuck at that for years but once he got home he was too tired to go out again to an external social club.

Until Scouts. Scouts is awesome. Scouts combines socialising with physical activities and wearing a uniform so that makes it a little bit like being a soldier. Scouts has a structure a routine and a hierarchy, a little bit like the army. Tom loves Scouts and six weeks in he’s as keen as ever. He’s been taught how to use a compass, practised putting up a tent, played ball games and, most importantly, met new children his age. The only negative, if I were pushed to find one, is that I was hoping he’d meet and make friends with boys as he’s lacking good male peer friendships but for some reason his Scout group is full of girls! Girls outnumber the boys by about two to one and he already knew two of the few boys in the group from school. Nevertheless this is an excellent opportunity for him to work on his social skills in a safe environment and I’d so happy that he wants to continue going.


Last weekend was a bank holiday (public holiday) weekend here in the UK. The Scout troop went on a riverboat trip to the Norfolk Broads for three days. It was the furthest Tom has stayed away from home, for the longest time and as an independent boy, no teaching assistant hovering to look after him. There were no text updates, just a drop off time and a pick up time. It was strange to be so disconnected from the process but I felt very strongly that it was the right time to let go and trust him to cope. Of course he handled it like a boss! He came back about two years older and a foot taller it seemed, in just four days. He brought home a stone shaped like a thumb, he lost a towel and brought back somebody else’s shorts, which seemed a fair exchange. He managed to take a fantastic set of photographs using an old fashioned disposable camera, the concept of which confused him greatly. “How do I delete the shots I don’t like? How do we download the pictures to my Kindle?” Nevertheless he managed to take shots and wind on the film and produced a cracking set of holiday photos, among which was this superb selfie. I have no idea how he lined it up so perfectly when he couldn’t see himself but he swears he did and that nobody else took the shot. If that’s true then the boy’s got a director’s instincts, I tell you!


It’s the half term school holidays this week. After the intense bout of socialising with his Scout troop over the weekend Tom is decompressing and has chosen to stay home all week. He’s been in pyjamas since Monday evening, a hermit happily reunited with his electronic devices. He’s mighty easy to care for these days: water him, feed him and keep the charging plugs handy. As for me, I’m working on some projects for the second half of the year and next year. Hope to have something to reveal in due course and bring more value to you in this blog in the future. Plans are afoot!

That’s all for now, friends. Take care!

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