Happy Sunday. I hope this weekend finds you well. Once again it’s a grey, rainy, cool day where I am. Spring just can’t seem to get started! To brighten up your day, and to reflect the blog’s new name, I thought I’d introduce a new series: #autism_is, discussing different aspects of autism. I’m going to post up photos of what autism looks like in our house and I’d love for you to join me at our Facebook group and post up some pictures of what autism is to you, or alternatively you can comment here. It can be funny, silly, thought provoking, sad, whatever comes to mind. To get us all started, here’s a mini-slideshow of the aspects of autism I’ve noted this week.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great week.

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2 thoughts on “#Autism_Is

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  1. In our house it’s drawing hundreds of crescent moon, cutting crescent moons out of every material subject to scissors because Ben is obsessed with the DreamWorks logo (this week anyway) Also drawing, cutting, etc Warner Brothers logo.
    We must be careful where we walk because he likes to line up his hundreds of pieces of sidewalk chalk. The patterns *are* pretty cool!
    We must all remember our lines because we are expected to help reinact scenes from favorite movies. And movies, DVDs actually must be on repeat and play all day for days or weeks.

    It can be frustrating, annoying and sometimes dangerous. It can also be hysterical.

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