W2.7: Dirt Magnet

My son is a dirt magnet. Perhaps he has dyspraxia because he can’t eat without covering himself in food or pour a drink without spilling it, or walk without finding a puddle of mud to splash onto his trousers and shoes, or run without slipping and falling into mud. When he brushes his teeth he gets the toothpaste down his pyjamas. School shirts somehow come back covered in pen even when he’s wearing his school jumper. The other day he managed to come back with a yoghurt spill on his trouser leg and he didn’t even have yoghurt in his packed lunch. It was his friend’s yoghurt! Go figure.

I don’t know how he does it, it’s almost impressive. The laundry pile is also impressive. I love that boy but my goodness I’d like a week without stains just once, for novelty’s sake. Maybe in a few years when he’s older?

Excuse me, I think the washing cycle has ended. Next round coming up!

 Image by stevepb on Pixabay.com

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