W2.6: Science, B*tch!

Thomas has been accepted into a two year study into the benefits of Lego® Therapy. He stands a fifty percent chance of receiving the therapy; the other fifty percent will be a control group that only fills out the questionnaires at the beginning of the process. He received a round of Lego Therapy last year in primary school and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the time his teaching assistant said he seemed to benefit from it. It’s a simple process but appears to be effective. A group of three children are each allotted a role and each child has to conduct only the tasks relevant to their role; one is the “foreman” who reads out the instructions, one is the “materials” provider who searches for the relevant shaped Lego piece and one is the “engineer” who connects the pieces. Together they work as a team to build an object. The course’s aim is to improve their communication and teamwork skills, something that autistic children often lack in. From Thomas’ point of view, he enjoys building with Lego, he enjoys being in charge and he enjoys getting time out of lessons so there is no downside to this!

I would love for him to have another course and if he is selected for the therapy it will run for twelve weeks. I will be interested to see if there is any difference in his communication and teamwork after the therapy. It can’t hurt and can only help, after all. Even if we are not selected we will still have the satisfaction of knowing that we are contributing towards academic research that may improve the lives of children in the years to come, perhaps encouraging the wider use of the therapy. All participants will be notified when the paper is published in two years’ time and I am looking forward to the findings. It’s not every day that we get to take part in real science and do something worthwhile, however small. Thomas will love the idea of being part of something, no doubt he will want to provide his review here if he does receive the therapy and I would be interested to read his comments.

Watch this space…..

 Image by Semevent on Pixabay.com

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