W2.2: The Next Big Thing

Tom has discovered prank videos on YouTube. This is making me nervous. I have visions of clingfilm over the toilet bowl, apple-pie beds and buckets of water balanced precariously over door frames. Luckily for me things have progressed since the practical joke books of my childhood. Pranks on YouTube have evolved and become more elaborate and are usually conducted by adults upon other adults, for the amusement of a global audience. Tom has always loved slapstick comedy and now he has fallen in love with pranks. First he adored Laurel and Hardy, then he discovered Abbott and Costello and now he has discovered Hooman’s shampoo pranks. Since he discovered them a few weeks ago it’s all he’s watched on his tablet. He can’t get enough of the peoples’ reactions to the shampoo that never washes out, the fake blood and the pretend strands of hair that have (not really) fallen out. Oh, it’s driving me crazy. This is his latest big thing, his newest obsession.

I can’t stand practical jokes. Call me a stick-in-the-mud, lacking a sense of humour, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Scaring people or making them look foolish seems mean. Tom, on the other hand, giggles non-stop through the videos, rewinding them over and over to catch every outraged reaction. He adores the host, Hooman. He admires him so much, telling me that Hooman is funny and handsome and clever and loves his fans. He’s even taken to practising his own spiel in front of his bedroom mirror, copying Hooman’s catchphrases and gestures. Hooman is Tom’s idol.

Now Thomas has decided he wants to be a YouTube star and have his own channel, ThomasTV. He’s started commentating in the style of Hooman while he plays his Sega Mega Drive games, pretending he is making a video for his adoring fans. Today he had me film a few practice videos for when he eventually establishes his own YouTube channel. It reminds me of when I used to sing to my favourite pop songs in front of my bedroom mirror, holding a hairbrush for a microphone. Times may change and technology moves on but children are the same in every generation. Only these days the gateway to fame lies in every home via the internet and it’s easier than ever to generate an audience if you are sufficiently entertaining.

Will Thomas become a famous YouTube host and become the next big thing? Only time will tell. Watch this space….

Picture by XANDER_DEZ on Pixabay.com

2 thoughts on “W2.2: The Next Big Thing

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  1. Ben hasn’t discovered that one yet. He *does* love slapstick though. We’ve made a rule that he’s NEVER allowed to watch The Three Stooges. He’d be smacking us and be trying to poke our eyes out.😧
    I hadn’t thought about the hairbrush microphone similarity to the YouTube videos, but you are absolutely right. Thank goodness I’m spared having to watch old video of myself being foolish.

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