W2.1: “So You Should Be”

Today my son has been to school, crossed over the road on his own on his way there and back, sauntered home in his PE kit, chucked his coat and bags on the kitchen table, kicked off his trainers (sneakers) and left them lying on the kitchen floor and set about playing the Sega Megadrive for a few hours (hello again, 1990). I have been busy writing a long post for my  Happiness blog and dinner was slightly delayed by a couple of hours. But the boy was playing Golden Axe 1, 2 and 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog so all was good, except for a rumbly tum towards the end.

As I served up the food I called through to the living room, “Dinner’s ready. I’m sorry I made you wait a little,” to which he replied, eyes fixed on the TV screen, “So you should be.” Then he paused his game and hustled into the kitchen to eat his meal. So you should be? Cheeky monkey! I couldn’t help but laugh. He wasn’t laughing, he meant it. I had altered his routine and made him wait and he was hungry. And that exact phrase he has heard from me before in the past when he has apologised for some minor misdemeanour. To him it wasn’t disrespectful or cheeky backtalk, it was the correct response as modelled by me previously for being irritated or inconvenienced.

To be fair, he has a point. My organisation skills are not the best and when I’m on task and highly motivated I focus in with a laser-like narrow beam until the task is complete. I was hungry myself but unwilling to stop until I published my post. I have set myself the challenge of producing a post per blog every day in February and I wasn’t going to fall at the first hurdle. Tomorrow I shall have to start a little earlier and plan my time better. There are hungry mouths to feed, after all.

I think the fact that I picked up his school gear and put it away for him because he had left it all just where it landed, as he does every single day unless I nag him, was probably penance enough and he should consider himself lucky that he got a free pass because I was too busy blogging to notice that he hadn’t put it away himself today.

Nevertheless, son, I’m sorry I made you wait for your dinner. I’ll do better tomorrow.


Your disorganised and hyper-focused mother


Image courtesy of Olichel on Pixabay.com

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