J4: Happy 4th of July

I would like to wish my American readers a very happy 4th of July. Enjoy your coffee and your freedom and have a wonderful day. It’s been a pleasure to meet new friends and I look forward to wishing you all a happy 4th of July for many years to come. Whatever you’re doing today and whoever you’re spending it with, may it be a day of peace and celebration.

Here in England we shall continue to drink tea and complain about the weather. Tom and I have had a quiet 4th of July. He participated in the dress rehearsal for the Years 5 and 6 End of Year Production. It’s a rather special affair, traditionally a modern day retelling of a classic fairy tale or myth, written and acted by the children themselves, with the props and scenery also produced by the children. It’s all taken very seriously and their delight and enthusiasm shines through. The joy for us parents is in the wide variation in talent. We have some stage darlings who are clearly destined for a life in front of the cameras and have been in drama clubs for years, we have some decent amateurs who enjoy their rare opportunity to bask in the limelight and then there are the ones who deliver their line in a honking monotone and lumber back across the stage to the safety of the wings. It’s a delight and I love the fact that every child has their moment in the spotlight, should they want it. Those who can’t handle the pressure of live performance still pull their weight as prop hands, moving scenery on and off the stage, and they do it seamlessly and professionally. I enjoyed last year’s production very much and am looking forward to this one even more, given that it is our last.

This year is a take on Beauty and the Beast. The first live performance is tomorrow afternoon. Tom’s playing a pig in the “FunkyMoonpig.com” advert. (Yes I know, but I did say it was a modern retelling.) He has one line and then another that all the pigs say together. And then he has managed to incorporate an impromptu solo dance that the staff have agreed to keep in, because he can’t be restricted to one line. He was angling for the lead role and for a few weeks it looked like he was going to refuse to play any part if he couldn’t be Jeremy Kyle. His class teacher and I managed to persuade him to take the part of a Funky Moonpig ‘so that I could see his wonderful acting’ but clearly he had designs on greater things and thus the dance was conceived. After a few subdued run-throughs he surprised everyone by busting a few moves at the end of the advert and at this point I think they realised there was no stopping him so they decided to let him have his moment. When Tom has an idea in his mind, you’ll find it pretty hard to divert him from his chosen course of action.

Good lad, Tom. If you don’t get the role you want, create your own. I tell you, he’s going to go far…..



Images from Pinterestย and Clker-Free-Vector-Images viaย Pixabay.com

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