J1: Julybilation for Beginners

Easy one today. Sooo easy. The sun is back! After days of grey skies, cool temperatures and frequent, long showers of rain, we have blue sky and fluffy white clouds and seasonal temperatures. What could be better than catching that warm scent of life and growing things through an open window, the sun shining into your room? Happy days!

The boy had a lovely day in his bedroom playing The Incredible Hulk vs Dinosaurs. The Incredible Hulk won. His bedroom floor is carpeted with defeated dinosaurs, the Hulk reigns victorious. Apparently The Hulk was able to transform at will by thinking “fightful” thoughts and by thinking of victory. It appears that Thomas is already well versed with the power of positive thinking and self-belief. That’s the spirit, son. Long may it last.

Featured image by Gallila-Photo via Pixabay.com

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