W27: Bikeability/The Room of Heroism

Thomas received his cycling certificate today. Another certificate for the Wall of Fame in the Room of Heroism. Yes, he really calls his bedroom the Room of Heroism. This is a new thing; he invented the name last week after he went to the Dental Hospital. That evening he brought his toys downstairs to award him a medal from his treasure collection and then they paraded him back upstairs to the tune of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”. Naturally, I had to clap and cheer him on his way up the stairs for added effect.

I’m not sure if he’s an out and out egomaniac or just extremely imaginative. Either way, if it gives him confidence, I’m going with it. He deserves to feel proud of himself, he’s achieving much lately. Can’t help laughing though: The Room of Heroism. He’ll go a long way.

3 thoughts on “W27: Bikeability/The Room of Heroism

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  1. Where else would his Lordship reside but the Room of Heroism? I’m sure if King Ben had more words he’d use them for proclamations. He’s pretty good at ordering us around with the few he has. Lord Thomas has been a very brave young man lately & deserves to be honored.
    Great fun, great post!

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