W23: Wheely Wonderful

Guess who learned to ride his bike? Yes, that’s right. His Lordship himself! He learned not only to pedal forwards but to ride without stabilisers. They put him on a two-wheeled bike from the start and within a few minutes he’d mastered the art of pedalling forwards and balancing and he was away. For a few hours he and a small group of beginners cycled round and round the playground in the early stages of Storm Doris and he did not care about the rain and the wind as he was having so much fun.

He loved it. I asked him how it felt to be able to ride a bike and he said “Wonderful”. I couldn’t be happier for him.

Tomorrow is the second and final day of the training. Perhaps his beginners group will get taken out onto the roads with the more experienced group, I hope so. He’ll get his certificate at the end, which will of course be proudly displayed upon the wall for all visitors to admire. The real reward though is the fact that he gets to be like his friends; his autism has not prevented him from doing what his friends can do.

As with many other developmental issues time seems to be the key factor. He may not learn at the same rate as his friends but eventually he does learn. Good for you, your Lordship! I’m so proud of that boy.

Public domain image by denzel at Pixabay.com

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