W19: Waiting

The clock tocks.
Its ticks make me twitch,
Tiny needles piercing my ear drums.
‘Wait, wait, wait, wait’ the second hand barks.
‘No early release for you.
The hook was baited and along you came.
You asked too much, what a shame.
And now you wait.
Be patient, be still, be calm.
There is no harm in waiting.
There is no blame; we all want the same.
Everyone wants something good.’

Time marches on; like a soldier singing his song, weighed down by his pack.
I can’t relax.
My mind twists and jerks, pulling against the barb,
Resisting my fate, my inevitable fate.
What am I waiting for? To see it in black and white?
Would that make it better? Seeing the words in bold, harsh letters?

Get busy, girl, find something to do.
This is not the end of you.
Nor the beginning;
This is more of what has been.
This is again.
Did you think it would be different this time just because you changed?
How funny that you should think the world would notice and accommodate.
You know it’s better if you just sit and wait.
But if you don’t like that then move.


Prove you have learned what you now know.
Don’t rely on your words, get up and show that you can do what you set your mind to.
Be the woman you are, not the woman you were and stop waiting.
Stop. Waiting.

Don’t ever die waiting.

Public domain picture by PeteLinforth on Pixabay.com

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