W10: Housebound (aka Half-Term Happiness)

Next week is the half term holidays: no school. Going by previous form, we will alternate between early starts for Milkshake Morning (for details on how much I enjoy Milkshake Mornings, read my earlier post Farted Awake at Sadness O’Clock: My Christmas Holidays) and decadent lying in until lunchtime while my son watches DVDs and plays on his Wii in his pyjamas all morning. He’s happily self-sufficient in the entertainment department these days.


I will do my best to encourage Tom out of the house to go on day trips but inevitably we will end up staying in for most of the week, or all of the week if he gets his way. I will pitch an interesting day out, he will agree, we’ll discuss it a few days in advance, then again the day before and then the evening before at bedtime. (You can find details of our full bedtime routine in this post W8: The Bedtime Routine (or Losing the Will to Live, Nightly) The following morning I’ll remind him that we are going out in an hour or so and he will agree but when the time comes to stop doing whatever it is he is doing and start getting ready he will object passionately. Thomas does not like transition, he does not transition well. When he is Doing Something, he wants to continue Doing it. He is not mentally prepared to stop, despite whatever discussions we have had about that beforehand.

Not only does he not want to stop but he doesn’t want to waste time getting ready because it’s “BORING”. To be honest, I can’t argue with him on that one. If there were some sort of marvellous device that could fix my clothes, makeup and hair and teleport me to wherever it is I want to go that would be just swell, thanks. Unfortunately there isn’t and we have to expend time and petty effort in getting ready. It’s such a chore.

If I am feeling energetic and motivated, I may use the tried and tested “I’ve already booked it, we have to go,” line. Provided that I don’t use it too often, it is effective in winkling him out from his room and into daylight and fresh air. If I am not at my most resolute then most likely I will agree to postpone for the next day, and then again the day after that. By the time the stars are aligned in my favour and Thomas is prepared to go out for the day the weather will be hideous and we’ll end up hibernating inside with the heating on full blast. It is February in England, after all. And let’s be honest, snuggling in your house watching DVDs is fun. It’s not like I get to sit around all day; Thomas will devise any number of interesting role-playing games for us, like Treasure Hunt and Zombie Attack. I can guarantee the game will involve utilising a fine selection of props and hats, probably an accent, and Tom will be the leader of the expedition. I will of course be his trusted lieutenant, as always.

We won’t get bored, oh no, not with Tom around. It’s going to be lazy and silly and fun and I can’t wait.

Public domain pictures by Clkr-Free-Vector-Images and DS-Foto on Pixabay.com

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