W6: Don’t Stop

As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I am a procrastinator; I’m a champion starter but poor finisher, an ideas person, creative but not self-disciplined or organised. Webruary was announced with the intention of instilling some discipline into my writing for I know that unless I make my intentions public and accountable there is every likelihood that I will let my vision stall and die. Writing is therapy and catharsis, bringing forth and crystallising the thoughts that float around inside my head, but there is also joy in sharing experiences and perhaps helping others through that shared experience. I desire connection; I think every writer is motivated by the need to connect in some way, to say “is this the same for you?” and manifest the visions inside their mind: “Join me in my world for a time”. However, life is full of distractions and claims on our time and unfortunately writing tends to be the first thing to give under pressure.  Either I don’t set aside the time to write or I become too absorbed in the emotion of a moment to be able to step back and write with clarity; I lose my “writer’s perspective” and become too overwhelmed to put order to my thoughts.

I have goals and plans for my life and they all hinge on me finally being able to bring my chaotic mind and lifestyle into check. I have read the books and blogs on time management and goal setting, on motivation and self-belief, I know WHAT to do. I just don’t want to actually DO it. Doing requires continuous effort and focus and I’m not a focused person. I’m not sure why I resist so hard, even against my own desires to succeed, but resist I do. Focus is hard to maintain with a butterfly mind and a heart that feels everything so damn much. However, I have determined that this year is the year I step into my purpose and hence this blog. Webruary is the tool I shall use to force myself to set aside time every day to write and begin to create a daily habit. Even if I don’t have anything to say, even if inspiration deserts me, I will write every day and I will publish something. It might be “Help!”, but I will publish something! I hope you will join me in this twenty eight day exercise in self-discipline, maybe we can stagger across the finish line together.

Here are today’s conclusions:

  1. In order to get something done you have to DO something. In order to do something you have to start somewhere. Start anywhere, start clumsily, start afraid but just make sure you START!
  2. Once you start, don’t stop. Even if you go slowly, keep going. Do. Not. Stop. For. Anything.

It may not be pretty or eloquent but I think it’s accurate.

See you tomorrow. Can’t wait to find out what’s in store for us. Can you?

Public domain photograph by Unsplash on Pixabay.com

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